The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 44 – Elyse Rethlake

Published by Timothy Reed on

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As the digital age is coming into full focus, brick and mortar businesses everywhere are trying to figure out how to stay relevant. While some traditional retailers have been swept away like the dinosaurs, many have stood firm and even gained ground by rethinking their value proposition for their customers.

In today’s episode, I sit down with Elyse Rethlake (Fireside Hearth & Home, daughter of the legendary Tim Rethlake) to talk about what brick and mortar businesses can do to take advantage of the moment we are in right now (as well as prepare for the future).

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why most companies have things backwards when they think about the “retail experience” of a customer (because we are too entrenched in what is familiar to us)
  • How a company’s digital and physical presence need to work together to serve today’s consumers (this is especially true in the hearth industry)
  • Why brick and mortar businesses are more viable than ever if they are thinking holistically about the customer experience (this is only going to be more true as the digital age rounds out)

Your customers are expecting you to bring more and more value as things in every other sphere are getting easier and quicker—don’t miss the opportunity to do just that!

This conversation will give you a filter to use as you rethink your business in light of modern consumer expectations so that you can take control, have happier customers and sell more fireplaces than ever.

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