The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 50 – Craig Newby and David Rosvold

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In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, every sales rep is wondering how they can give value to their customers. In today’s conversation, we flipped the tables so that Craig Newby (Owner, Associated Energy Systems) and David Rosvold (NW Stoves) could grill Tim Reed about what makes a sales rep valuable to a retail business.

In this conversation:

  • Learn why sales reps haveto make an appointment every time with their customers (even if they’re already friends with them)
  • Discover what most sales reps don’t understand about their customers (but they think they do)
  • Understand what retailers are looking for their sales reps to do for them (most reps miss this)

If you’re stuck at home, brainstorm this conversation and what it would look like for you to put into practice. Don’t be a “Typical Sales Rep”, selling a PO and then getting out of town, rather, become a trusted advisor to your customers and sell more than you ever thought possible. 

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