The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 51 – Craig Newby and David Rosvold

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In part 1 of our conversation with Craig Newby (Owner, Associated Energy Systems) and David Rosvold (Owner, NW Stoves), we laid out the basics of how a sales rep can deliver value to their customers. In part two, we bring the conversation home with tangible things you can do to move the needle with our clients.

In this conversation:

  • Learn how good reps make a plan for their customers (and their customers follow it)
  • Discover how most reps don’t understand the problems of their customers (you don’t want to fall unto this trap)
  • Understand how to grow unquestioned loyalty from your customers (most reps think they have this and they don’t)

Everyone has a lot of downtime during this COVID-19 crisis so don’t waste it by sitting around! You can put the principles in this episode to use right away and make your customers more loyal than ever by helping them win during this unprecedented time.

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