The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 52 – Bridget Brennan

Published by Timothy Reed on

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If you want your sales team to simplify their process so they can connect better with their customers, then you have to listen to this conversation! In today’s episode, Tim Reed sits down with acclaimed author and keynote speaker (Bridget Brennan, CEO of The Female Factor and author of “Winning Her Business“) to talk about connecting with today’s female consumer and building a sales process based on simplicity, clarity, and understanding.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The four motivators that a woman needs from your company in order to buy (you don’t want to miss any of these)
  • Why there’s no such thing as a “tire-kicker” in today’s market (customers are way more serious than you think)
  • Why making is easy to buy from you is the foundation to winning her business (this is more important than ever)

Don’t write this conversation off if your company mostly sells to men, because even if it for them, women have the veto vote on any major purchase. If you put these ideas into practice, your business can create an amazing customer experience and a tidal wive of referrals that you can ride for years to come.

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