The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 64 – Grounds & Warehouse (Building a Winning Hearth Business 5 of 8)

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Everyone is looking for an edge today, but the truth is that many retailers in our industry are running so fast that the little things (that make them money) are being left behind. In today’s episode, we address department number 4 (of 8) on your route to building a winning hearth company: Grounds & Warehouse.

Now, most business leaders don’t think of Grounds & Warehouse as a department in their company (alongside of Sales and Marketing), but they couldn’t be more wrong. We sat down with Grant Falco (Falco’s | Spokane, WA) to lay out a roadmap to turn this into a major profit center.

In this conversation:

  • Learn how to create a “grounds list” that buys back your time (and grows accountability)
  • Understand why making a utility hire is a necessity for every business (most people miss it)
  • Learn a simple framework for warehouse organization that will revolutionize your inventory process (and save you a ton of money)

Stop losing on the first impression with your customers! Taking advantage of this system will set you up to win longterm and run a business with way less stress longterm.

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