The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 66 – Showroom (Building a Winning Hearth Business 7 of 8)

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Every retailer in our industry is looking for ways to grow sales. While it can be useful to think about marketing spends and sales initiatives, improving your showroom is low hanging fruit that offers a huge payoff.

In today’s conversation, we sit down with Grant Falco (Owner, Falco’s) to talk about what a showroom needs to have in order to succeed. 

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Most showrooms in our industry are setting customers up for indecision and confusion. This conversation will cover:

  • Why investing in your showroom is a top priority for any business (even if you don’t think it needs it)
  • What your daily checklist needs to look like in order to keep things on point (and who’s responsibility it is)
  • How your fireplaces should be arranged to make it easy for customers to buy from you (this is a game changer)

Taking your showroom to the next level will set you apart from everyone else and help your customers feel secure buying from you. It can seem intimidating, but like anything, consistent effort over time will move the needle.

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