The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 69 – Bill Lentz

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When a customer makes the effort to make it all the way to your showroom floor, you better understand why they are standing in front of you. Understanding the customer’s intentions without bias, and then finding a polite way to eventually ask for the sale is the key that so many salespeople are missing out on. When selling fireplaces, BTU’s aren’t everything—the experience the product will deliver to the customer is. 

In today’s episode – the debut of Season 5 – we sit down with Bill Lentz, the author of The Art of Sales (a series of articles that was very influential in shaping how Tim has gone about his career in the hearth industry).

We are not trying to make the customer a fireplace salesperson, we are trying to show them how it could make their lives better is a big takeaway listeners will gain from this episode. The content matter discussed can be applied to all aspects of life beyond the showroom floor! Not being afraid of being assertive and asking the customer for the sale is a daunting task at first, and it will sometimes result in failure. However, getting knocked down is key to finding your true self, and not being afraid of posing more inquisitive questions toward customers down the road. 

Click here to read “The Art of Sales” & “The Heart of Sales” by Bill Lentz.

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