The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 70 – Henry Hall

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With COVID-19 taking its toll on business owners of all sizes it is interesting to look at what allows some companies to continue to thrive while others have begun to nosedive. Being prepared for the worst sounds like something that every business owner would take as a given, but after further examination, most people still miss it… 

In today’s episode – recorded prior to COVID-19 – Henry Hall (President, Skytech Control Systems) talks all things economics. As part of the executive committee at HPBA along with having an extensive background in business, Henry explains the basics of what you need to understand about economics today. This starts with making sure that you are fully supporting every person under your companies umbrella —if you want to build a team that can handle the worst. 

Tim reflects on this episode at the end by explaining how he was able to leave his job about mid-way through 2020—even with the uncertainty of the economy with COVID-19—because he has applied many of the principles discussed today with Henry to his own life allowing for stability in all of this uncertainty.

If there is one thing we want you to walk away from this episode it is: “What do I need to do to be prepared?” Buckle up as Henry and Tim discuss everything you need to know to answer this very question!

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