The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 73 – Nick Bauer

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Everyone wants to be part of something that matters, but the most people don’t have the endurance to get there. The truth is that creating a legacy is something that takes laser-like focus day in and day out at the goal at hand.

In today’s episode, Tim joins Nick Bauer (the owner of Empire Comfort) to discuss what it is like to be a family member in a legacy business, along with what goes into acquiring other businesses (Empire recently acquired Primo Ceramic Grills).

By the end of this episode you should be able to walk away with knowledge on the following: 

  • What it’s like being apart of a legacy business (and how to set up the next generation for success)
  • All the moving parts that go into a business acquisition (and why growth has to be controlled) 
  • If you want to be in charge of everything you have to be willing to not be in charge of anything (more business owners need to know this)

Stop ignoring the shift occurring in your industry today, and start looking at possible opportunities to increase your business’s long-term stability. Business acquisitions tend to scare off many owners, but little do they know if they play their cards right acquiring another business could drastically increase their performance. 

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