The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 75 – Art Ratcliffe

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What is it that makes a good sales rep? Product knowledge? Communication skills? Responsiveness? The truth is that all of these things are needed, but only a few reps have mastered them.

In today’s episode, we sit down to discuss the value that a good sales rep brings to the table with Art Ratcliffe (Mendota Hearth Products). Art is one of the best in the game and his value to customers is legendary. 

This episode will teach you:  

  • Why value doesn’t exist unless you communicate it (this is something that many salespeople miss)
  • What successful sales reps such as Art do on a day to day basis (and why that rhythm matters)
  • Why the sales team is more important than the owner if you are a sales rep (seriously, way more important)

This episode is going to help you (a) understand what to expect out of the sales reps that call on you, and (b), help you build a framework to serve customers even better than before.

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