The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 77 – Kevin Obee

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Everyday leaders are trying to change their business’ momentum because they feel like they’re stuck in a rut. Changing the pace of a business to operate proactively isn’t difficult, it just takes a commitment.

In today’s episode, Tim sits down with Kevin Obee (General Manager of Fireplaces & Lighting at Benson Stone) to breakdown the culture of meetings he has implemented within his workspace to transform his business. 

By the end of this episode you will learn: 

  • How having a cadence of meetings can solve problems permanently (versus always making the same mistakes)
  • Why meetings allow you and your team to escape the noise and think critically (no more stressful decisions) 
  • How having regular meetings helps you share the load like you never imagined (this the foundation of building a business bigger than yourself)

Don’t continue stubbing your toes on the same problems. Instead, implement regular meetings into your workspace and solve problems permanently today. 

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