Brion Barnhill – Episode 82 – The Four Day Work Week

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Is your business successful, but you’re not happy? This is often the case because business owners will work themselves to death and push their team without any cohesive direction. It doesn’t have to be this way—this episode will help you understand the secrets to running a successful business where you are running it from above and being dragged along behind. 

To initiate season six, and introduce The Fire Time Magazine, we have chosen to sit down and interview some of the magazine’s incredible contributors. Today, Tim talks with Brion Barnhill, the owner of Barnhill Chimney and Barnhill Chimney Supply. Brion began his career in an interesting way, but has quickly evolved to the point of operating a business grossing over four million dollars per year. This rapid growth has come with some of the typical issues business owners run into as they scale. However, how Brion has chosen to handle these challenges is something we can all learn from. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why hiring people who compensate for your weaknesses is better than trying to do everything yourself (this will make you money and save you time).
  • Why taking the time to create an organizational chart—showing the role of each team member—is essential for success (you’re likely to fail without it).
  • How switching to a four-day workweek can change how your company operates forever (the benefits are outstanding). 

Stop waking up every morning sleep-deprived and not wanting to go to work. You too, can take control of your business by accepting your strengths and going all-in on them. Listen today to find out how.

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