Sam O’Donnell – Episode 84 – 5 Steps to Simplify the Customer Experience

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Most salespeople think that, in order to be a genius on the floor, they need to know all the technical information about their products. However, the majority of customers really could care less—you are selling a lifestyle not a brochure. 

Today, Tim sits down with Sam O’Donnell, a retail associate for Fireside Home Solutions. Sam is a wizard when it comes to the sales process—going from no experience to one of the best salespeople Tim has come across in a matter of 15 months! In this discussion, Sam outlines his article in the March edition of The Fire Time Magazine surrounding five principles that he has found to be successful in simplifying his customers’ buying experience. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • The easy secret to having a consistent sales process that sells (if you don’t have one you will lose).
  • Why speaking with lots of big words will scare off customers (and how you should be communicating instead).
  • The reason why providing a quote as fast as possible is essential to capturing the sale (in today’s world, this is simply the cost of doing business).

Remember, customers are not experts on your products like you and your team are—so keep it simple. We are fortunate to be in an industry with complex products that have historically protected us from disruption. But these products are also, unfortunately, very hard to buy. Understanding how to make the sales process as simple as possible for your customers is key to maximizing your sales. Listen today to learn how.

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