Peter Parsons – Episode 88 – The Passion of the Sale

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When customers walk into a showroom, they aren’t looking for the smartest person in the room—they’re looking for someone who will listen. Showing that you care about them and their situation before trying to sell them something is critical to maximizing your business’s success.

Today Tim sits down with Peter Parsons, the owner of Tin Man Inc., to discuss how Peter’s passion and excitement for his customers—and products—has made up for other things that can go wrong in a business.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why having passion and excitement can give you a leg up and build instant trust (this energy is contagious with customers).
  • Why you should be giving your employees products for their own homes (this is powerful if you want team members with passion).
  • How a customer’s entire purchase is based on emotions first (and practicality second).

Don’t let years of service drain the passion that you have for your business—your team will follow the example you set. As you pave the way, and create opportunities for team members to stoke their own passion (like installing the products that they sell in their own homes) you’ll find that they are able to create an amazing customer experience. This experience will win in the market because it is based on experiential knowledge—and not a manufacturer’s brochure. This episode will help you remember what you first loved about the industry and how it can be passed on to others.

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