Robert Bryce – Episode 95 – The Perils of Trying to Electrify Everything

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With a heavy governmental push to reduce our carbon footprint, many individuals believe that a renewably powered grid and electrifying everything is the end-all solution. Yet, the implications of such a shift often are overlooked. For example, what happens when wind and solar can’t generate enough energy to meet demand—is completely removing natural gas from our grid that good of an idea after all?

These questions, along with others, are answered in today’s episode. Tim sits down with Robert Bryce, an Author and Filmmaker who covers all things energy, and is also the host of the refreshing, Power Hungry Podcast. If anyone is an expert on the future of energy, it’s Robert. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • What we as an industry need to know when it comes to gas bans (and how becoming informed will allow us to unite and stand up for the solution)
  • Why equity and affordability—the most overlooked factors when it comes to electrification—need to be brought up (accounting for lower-income individuals is crucial in understanding the pain points in transitioning to an electrified nation)
  • How having fuel diversity is more practical and reliable than a solely renewable grid (this will prevent future blackouts similar to that of Texas)

As an industry, we need to stop viewing bans as the reason we close our doors, and instead take responsibility for where we are, and stand up for where we want to go. Listen today to gain valuable insight into the future of energy and the benefits of keeping natural gas around. 

This Blizzard Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything’

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