10 Steps to Execute – Episode 99 – Steps 2 & 3

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What if there was a process for eliminating mistakes in your business so you could grow like never before? As it turns out, there is—and you can learn all about it on The Fire Time Podcast. This season, Tim and Grant will go through the 10-Step Execution Framework that they designed to help you set and exceed expectations for your business. Over the years, these steps have been taught to many companies, but they’ve never been compiled in one place—until now. 

In today’s episode—the second installment of the 10 Steps to Execute series—Tim and Grant discuss Step 2 (The Job Walk and Final Estimate) and Step 3 (The Sales Follow-Up) of the 10-Step Execution Framework.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The details of Steps 2 and 3 of the 10-Step Execution Framework (these will stop mistakes in their tracks).
  • Four things that must happen before a job is greenlit and can move forward to installation (these are responsibilities too many salespeople neglect).
  • Why your installation coordinator can make or break your business (they’re the key to unlocking profit in your schedule).

Stop watching the same mistakes prevent your business from growing. Implement the 10-Step Execution Framework into your sales process and watch frequent mistakes fade away.

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