Noel Putaansuu – Episode 105 – The Wood Burning Certification Process Doesn’t Match Reality

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Adding fuel to your wood stove at the optimal time is a science. It’s also the key to reducing emissions and increasing efficiency—and that gives us reason to hope that wood stoves won’t die out.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Noel Putaansuu, an expert on wood-burning stoves, the President of Smokeless Chimney, and a contributor to The Fire Time Magazine. One of Noel’s recent articles, “The Wood Burning Certification Process Doesn’t Match Reality,serves as the launching point for this eye-opening conversation.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What you need to retrofit old wood stoves so they burn cleaner and meet emissions standards (this is huge for our industry).
  • What opacity is and why it’s the new metric we need to prioritize (this is how we achieve universal standards for wood burning). 
  • What the intersection between modern tech and wood stoves looks like (this is going to blow your mind).

As an industry, we’ve largely ignored the possibilities for innovation within the wood stove sector. However, it’s now time to consider how modern technology could save wood stoves from tightening emissions standards. Listen today to hear what one expert has to say about the future of wood-burning stoves.

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