Pete Schoenfeld – Episode 107 – Communication Wins

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The next year for our industry looks bleak. For most dealers, surviving alone will be difficult. If we want to maximize our chances of getting through it as a whole, we need to start sharing knowledge with each other.

In today’s episode, Tim sits down with Pete Schoenfeld (United Buyers Group, HPBA National Board) to talk about the tough spot many businesses find themselves in due to supply chain issues. Pete provides valuable insight about new practices he’s noticed dealers adopting to get through these uncertain times.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The resources that you need to start tapping into (you’re probably unaware of most of them).
  • The increasing importance of understanding a customer’s problem (your team has to start prioritizing this).
  • The benefits of physically traveling to talk with other industry professionals (you’re missing out by staying strictly online).

This next year doesn’t have to be so scary. If we focus on communicating—with retailers, distributors, and customers—we have an increased chance of making it out of the COVID crisis as a whole. Listen today to learn what you can do to best prepare your business for the daunting months ahead.

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