Robert Bartucci – Episode 109 – Simplify, Focus, Execute

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Reading every business book and listening to every business podcast can actually cripple you as a leader. Learning has no value if you don’t apply it to life. The best leaders understand this fact and make it clear through their actions.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Robert Bartucci (CEO of Glen Dimplex Americas) to discuss Robert’s powerful problem-solving framework: simplify, focus, execute. As he explains this framework, Robert also shares several stories about the key moments that taught him to be a better leader.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How simplifying is a matter of giving yourself permission to do so (you will become much more effective once you understand this).
  • How focusing on fewer things that are really important leads to greater success (you should only focus on what moves the needle).
  • How executing informs everything (we learn by doing, yet most leaders don’t learn because they struggle to start).

Stop being someone who clogs the solution. Instead, become a team member who adds speed and removes barriers by simplifying, focusing, and—most importantly—executing. Start increasing your contributions today by listening to this conversation and applying what you learn.

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