Grant Falco – Episode 126 – Building the Heartbeat Report (Traffic Count)

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Many leaders judge the well-being of their businesses purely based on feel. This works great until it doesn’t—and then you’re left scrambling to figure out where things went wrong. Imagine if, instead, you could have your finger on the pulse of your business so you could prevent problems before they happen.

In today’s episode, Tim and Grant discuss traffic count—the first of the four keystone metrics that make up the heartbeat report. Traffic count (door swings) is the metric that Tim credits for bringing him where he is today.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you should track traffic in your business (this—once implemented—will give you a ton of information).
  • How tracking traffic will allow you to align your inventory with what customers actually want (this is exciting to see when it starts to happen).
  • Why having a human track traffic is almost always better than a stale metric produced by a computer (this is something that took Tim and Grant a while to understand).

Stop judging the well-being of your business entirely on feel. Instead, build a heartbeat report that tracks key metrics and gives you the complete picture. Want to get started? Just press play.

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