Grant Falco – Episode 128 – Building the Heartbeat Report (Installation Completion Percentage)

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Leaving a job incomplete without reason is insane. Doing so not only decreases customer satisfaction—it also costs you money. What if you could have your finger on the pulse of your business, understand the second an incomplete is hurting you, and correct course before things get messy?

In today’s episode, Tim and Grant return to discuss installation completion percentage—the third of the four keystone metrics that make up the heartbeat report. Grant also provides some real-world examples of how he uses this metric in his own business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the magic is not in completed jobs, but incompleted jobs (once understood, this will equate to tens of thousands in additional annual revenue).
  • Why you should strongly consider incentive-based pay for installers (this will make your installers feel like they own the company).
  • Why there are different types of incompletes (and which type you need to prioritize).

Stop judging the well-being of your business entirely on feel. Instead, build a heartbeat report that tracks key metrics and gives you the complete picture. Want to get started? Just press play.

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