NEHPBA – Episode 131 – The Battle of Electrification

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There’s no doubt the fight for natural gas will occupy our industry for at least the next decade. Regardless of how pressing of an issue it is in your region, you need to start getting involved. If we don’t unite in this fight, it could be the beginning of the end of our industry.

In today’s conversation, Tim talks with the Northeast HPBA team that works to combat natural gas bans. They talk about the progress they’ve made in their region, the steps our industry needs to take nationally, and the developing technologies that could be our saving grace.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How your company can prepare for natural gas bans (this applies to everyone, regardless of region).
  • What setting aside one day per month to meet with people in power can do for your business and our industry (this is how we humanize our industry).
  • What Tim believes our industry’s coherent message has to look like going forward  (this is the only way governing bodies will take us seriously).

The fact is that, yes, we have treated our environment poorly, and yes, action needs to be taken so that our children’s futures are the best they can be. But we don’t need to abolish natural gas usage entirely to do this; we just need to provide an alternative solution. Listen to this episode to get informed on what you can do to keep our industry alive.

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