Sam O’Donnell – Episode 133 – Follow Up to Win

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Customers who trust you enough to let you into their homes are customers you need to pursue until the very end. Far too many retailers focus their energy on the top of the sales funnel because it’s easy—but really, the gold mine is at the (more intimidating) bottom of the sales funnel.

In today’s episode, Tim and Sam O’Donnell discuss how crucial follow up is to a successful business. Being one of the industry authorities when it comes to follow up, Sam provides invaluable advice for any salesperson looking to grow.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • That it’s normal to experience fear when calling to follow up (this never goes away).
  • How making a follow up process can grow your sales by 50% (this doesn’t require even a penny spent on marketing).
  • That writing up more is selling less (this is essential to understanding what you should prioritize).

Calling to follow up is more straightforward than it seems. However, you must approach it from a place of providing value, not begging for the sale. Listen today to learn how the professionals approach follow up.

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