Clay Dennis – Episode 136 – Building a Business That You Can Sell

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“I started looking at my company as a retirement plan.” Do you look at your company the same way? Chances are, you probably don’t. But building a business you can sell is all about keeping the end in mind and reverse engineering from there—and this conversation covers how to do that like an expert.

Today, Tim talks with Clay Dennis, a man who titles himself a believer, a coach, and a friend when called. Clay tells Tim about how his business almost literally killed him, how he built his business like a retirement plan, how he eventually sold his business, and how he segments his life into acts.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How you can build a business that works as a retirement plan (this is mandatory if you want certainty in the future).
  • What you should know about the three fates of every business (this will help you decide how you want yours to end).
  • What you should do when a manufacturer’s suggested products aren’t moving (this is a hard truth that only the most dominant businesses embrace).

Stop operating your business day by day—focus on the end instead. Building a business that you can sell is essential to finishing life well. Listen today to learn how to craft a better future.

Nearing Home by Billy Graham

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