Consultative Sales from the Buyer’s Perspective by Heather Hockenberry – Episode 142 – FTM Rapid Reaction

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Have you ever considered what it’s like to go through the consultative sales process from the buyer’s perspective? If so, wouldn’t that make it more of a buying process rather than a sales process? What then would be the role of a salesperson if the buyer is in control and making all the decisions at every point in the process? Before answering these questions, let’s clarify several points… listen to this episode for more!

While we are getting ready for Season 9 of the podcast, every week, Tim will be giving you his rapid reaction to an audio article from The Fire Time Magazine. To check out more audio articles from The Fire Time Magazine, subscribe to the FTM podcast (linked below).

In this week’s episode, Tim gives you his rapid reaction to “Consultative Sales from the Buyer’s Perspective” by Heather Hockenberry.

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