Chris Neufeld & Patrick Ryan – Episode 150 – Are Cord Wood Tested Stoves Going Away?

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The issue examined in this episode came out of nowhere, but we’ve got to discuss it now. Many of the wood-burning appliances in your inventory are at risk due to new and upcoming EPA regulations.

TThis episode is delaying the official start of Season 9 of the podcast because you need to hear about it now. In this episode, Tim talks with Chris Neufeld (Co-Chair of the HPBA Solid Fuel Section), who is very knowledgeable about this upcoming change in regulation, and Patrick Ryan (The Stove Shop), who asks the questions retailers want to know.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What wood stoves are about to expire (selling them will eventually be illegal).
  • Why you need to have a conversation with your manufacturers and distributors about this issue (avoiding this could cost you thousands).
  • How to have a gracious conversation with people who don’t know about this issue (working together is absolutely key).

There are countless threats to our industry. Instead of fighting each other about them, we need to band together to offer clean-burning solutions that improve the lives and the communities of those we serve. If we can come together as an industry—like we did during the pandemic—we have the best chance of getting through this together. Listen today to learn how to protect your business and our industry from this threat.

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