Christy Campbell – Episode 155 – Creating a Brand That’s Good News for Your Customers

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If you don’t care about the outward-facing appearance of your business, why should a customer assume you care about the appearance of a fireplace you install in their home?

In today’s episode—a divider between the up-and-coming leaders and peak-performers sections of this season—Tim talks with his sister, Christy Campbell (Graphic Designer for The Fire Time Magazine) about marketing, branding, and photography. Tim constantly praises Christy for her uncanny eye for understanding a client’s vision and making The Fire Time Magazine beautiful. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why consistency over time is the only way to build a brand (and why not being consistent will scare customers away).
  • Why caring about the small details in design builds trust (and how to find a balance between being not detailed enough to too detailed).
  • Why it’s okay if you can’t design things in-house (and what you need to tell external designers to get satisfactory results).

In the modern-day, marketing, branding, and photography are extremely important. If you don’t know how to get started or to modernize your practices in these areas, this episode is for you.

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