Grant Falco – Episode 159 – Pushing Through the Dip

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Imagine operating a hearth business that dominates its local market and coaching a kid’s soccer team while being Tim’s accomplice in almost every endeavor. This episode’s guest does all these things in stride and has the humility to admit it’s not always easy.

In today’s episode, Tim is joined by Grant Falco (Co-Owner of Falcos & Co-Founder of Fire Time Network) to round out the peak performer section of this season. Grant’s tenacity and attitude set him apart and allow him to operate his family’s business with unmatched deliberateness in decision-making.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to know when you’re in a dip versus a cul-de-sac (this difference is crucial when deciding how to use limited resources).
  • How Grant developed a mentality that breeds success (this story will inspire you to do the same).
  • How being honest with your gut will allow your intuition to regularly inform your decisions (this is something Grant tries to practice every day).

While peak performers may seem perfect, their success has probably come with extensive struggle. We must accept this and push through our own struggles if we want to prosper. Listen today to learn from someone who embodies this mentality like nobody else.

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