“How a $20 Add-On Could Save Your Business in the Fight Against CO2” by Michael Verkruyse – Episode 167 – FTM Rapid Reaction

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Two-thirds of Americans believe that the climate crisis is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Yet, many of the major companies that occupy our lives daily continue to pump out tons of CO2 with little to no public scrutiny. This is because they offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits. People in our industry need to seriously consider this inexpensive strategy if we want our industry to survive another generation. Listen to this episode to learn how to start contributing to solving the climate crisis.

While we prepare Season 10 of the podcast, Tim will be giving weekly rapid reactions to audio articles from The Fire Time Magazine. In this week’s episode, Tim reacts to “How a $20 Add-On Could Save Your Business in the Fight Against CO2” by Michael Verkruyse (VP for Associated Energy Systems).

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