Coach the Right Behaviors – Episode 183 – Part 4 of Building a Framework of Sales Management

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Many business leaders have expectations in mind and may criticize their team when those expectations are not met. However, until they sit down with each team member and coach them on the specific behaviors they want, a lack of alignment in expectations will occur.

In today’s episode, Tim talks about how to coach the right behaviors once a business starts to operate from a sales dashboard. This is how you can go from having a disconnected team to a connected one that plays offensively.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The four specific behaviors you need to coach to your team members (Tim has seen these make all the difference).
  • Why meeting with team members regularly is crucial to ensure expectations are met (team members cannot read your mind).
  • What a weekly progress report is and how to make one (this will take your team from guessing how things are going to knowing how things are going).

The step discussed in this episode—part four of the Building a Framework of Sales Management series—can be time-intensive as it requires creating a regular cadence of meeting with team members to set expectations and then coaching, affirming, and correcting them. Not many business leaders achieve this, but if you can, you’ll get one step closer to making your business play as offensive as possible.

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