Operate Off of Key Measurements – Episode 184 – Part 5 of Building a Framework of Sales Management

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What separates hearth professionals and business people working at Fortune 500 companies is that most hearth professionals were never professionally trained in sales. Far too many hearth companies operate their sales processes as if they are driving by looking through the rearview mirror. To operate effectively, they also need to pay attention to metrics telling what’s happening and what’s ahead.

In today’s episode, Tim talks about key measurements and how they can transform the effectiveness of a sales team. These key measurements allow you to go from driving using the rearview mirror to driving with total awareness of where you’re at and what’s to come.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The four most important key measurements (Tim has seen these measurements drastically improve sales teams).
  • What lead and lag measures are (these two, put together, will paint a complete picture of what’s happening).
  • How to start taking key measurements (this isn’t as difficult as you might think).

You’ll go from playing defensively to offensively with your sales processes by listening to all episodes in the Building a Framework of Sales Management series. Listen to this episode to continue your journey to achieving this. 

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