Brandi Biswell – Episode 209 – Show Gratitude (Step 7)

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The value of expressing gratitude often takes a backseat to marketing investments. But in reality, gratitude can be your most potent marketing tool.

In today’s episode—the final installment of “The Seven Steps of The Sales Process Revisited” series—Tim talks with Brandi Biswell, an owner of Flew’s Brothers Chimney Service and a coach at the CVC Success Network. Together, they dive into the many ways businesses can express gratitude and its impact.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The countless ways your business can show gratitude to customers (even if they don’t do business with you).
  • How showing gratitude can become a cornerstone of your business’s brand (this will save you money on marketing).
  • What you must do to go from being a transactional business to a relational one (you won’t believe how simple this is).

Don’t overlook the power of gratitude in building your brand and forging customer connections. Tune in to this episode and tap into a wealth of examples illustrating how consistent expressions of gratitude can transform your business.

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