Episode 216 – Electrification and the Future of Our Industry (Compact Appliances Panel Discussion)

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The issue of electrification isn’t going away—so how should our industry react in light of those facts?

In today’s episode, Tim shares a panel discussion that he moderated in New Brunswick, Canada between Gaëtan Thomas (former CEO of New Brunswick Power and member of the Federal Net-Zero Advisory Body reporting to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change), Christian Romeroll (Vice President of HVAC, Napoleon), and Grant Falco (Owner, Falco’s Spokane) that centers on the issue of electrification and our industry.

In this conversation, the guests discuss:

  • What is happening in the Canadian government in regards to electrification.
  • Why there’s such a need for biomass products as electrification moves forward.
  • Why most retailers should think about diversifying their product lineup if they want to stay relevant.

Things in this discussion may be difficult to hear, but ignoring what’s happening around us won’t solve anything. If our industry will continue, then we must be in touch with what’s going on and show that we’re part of the solution!

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