The Simple Secret to Productivity and Growth

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Do you ever feel lost in the shuffle? There are times when it’s hard not to in this industry—especially as we get into the winter months. If you’re like most business leaders, you have more days than you’d like to admit where you get home at 9pm and can’t remember what you even did that day. Over time, it can seem like that’s just the way it is and, soon enough, you resign yourself to that reality and accept it as normal.

But deep down, you know it shouldn’t be that way.

The problem is simple and it comes down to one word: Discipline. Most people don’t have a practice of discipline—making them ineffective and unproductive in their goals. This can be overwhelming and make you feel like you just don’t have what it takes.

Without a regular practice of discipline:

  • You get less done (if anything at all)
  • Most of the time everyday is wasted (constantly putting out fires, never working on what’s important)
  • Burn out is imminent (because you are grinding so hard without an end in sight)
  • You kill your ability to grow (because you lose control of your future)

They say that everyone ends up somewhere, but only a few get there on purpose… those are wise words to think about. Discipline is the key to take control of your life, become radically productive and grow in whatever position you find yourself in.

Creating a rhythm of discipline:

  1. Forces you have vision (this is something most people never think about)
  2. Lays out a path to follow (like a road map for your personal success)
  3. Focuses your priorities on what actually matters (and not all of the peripheral stuff that gets in the way)
  4. Fundamentally changes the kind of person you are (and draws others to you like a magnet)

So what does that rhythm look like? 

For me, it starts with a morning routine. I’ve found that this focuses my day like nothing else and gets me ready for what’s coming. It’s also helpful to map out your “ideal week” on paper and see if there is physically enough time in the day to do what you need to. Lastly, find someone else who wants to tackle this and do it together, you will be shocked at what a shared vision of discipline will do for your productivity and growth.

You can take control of your career, become more effective than you ever thought, and make some great money along the way if you commit to a rhythm of discipline. My friend Tim Rethlake once told me, “in life there are two kinds of pain and you have to endure one of them: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret”. 

So which one are you going to pick?

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