The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 17 – Bradley Hartmann

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Most salespeople are constantly the same fundamental mistake—they think it’s all about them. The problem is that customers can smell it a mile away and stop caring about what you have to say.

In this episode of The Fire Time Podcast Tim Reed sits down with Bradley Hartmann (President of Behind Your Back Sales) to walk through 4 principles that will move the needle in the way that you sell to other businesses.

These 4 principles can help you win right away:

  • You are owed nothing, deliver value first(understanding this simple principle can change everything)
  • Master the question “Why are you different?”(most people crash and burn on this)
  • Make them look smart(this is a game-changer if you put it to use)
  • Read to lead(this is the simple truth and most people miss it)

Don’t miss this conversation with Bradley Hartmann and learn what you need to transform the way you do B2B sales. 

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The Skeptical Lumberman by Bradley Hartmann (seriously, the best intro to social media ever)

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Influence: The Psychology of Persuasionby Dr. Robert Cialdini (we called this “Persuasion” in the episode, but this is the book)

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