The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 23 – Clay Leavitt

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In today’s episode of the Fire Time Podcast the tables turn and Clay Leavitt (VP of Sales, Marcus Lumber) grills Tim with questions ranging from team building,  to motivation, to leadership skills. In this episode, Tim and Clay cover:

  • How to approach tough conversations with team members (the way that you do this makes all of the difference)
  • The way to manage your time to do the things you need (it comes down to simple decisions)
  • The secret to staying motivated and not burning out (it all comes down to the word “blessing”)
  • Why reading is the king when it comes to personal growth (and this is coming from a guy who hosts a podcast)

Don’t miss the insights in this conversation—they could be what you need to take the next steps in the way that you are leading your team!

You can email Clay and let him know he needs to start selling fireplaces at:

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