The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 29 – CORY DUPUY

Published by Timothy Reed on

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If you’re company is trying to sell product to high end clients then you have to listen to this conversation. In today’s episode, I sat down with Cory Dupuy (Firespace Engineer, Fireside Home Solutions) to talk about the thought process that has turned him into the of of the most successful fireplace builder sales reps in North America.

In this conversation, we cover:

  • The secret to breaking into the high end builder market (this is so simple, but most people miss it)
  • Why success by itself isn’t enough to create longterm motivation (this is worth thinking about)
  • What to do when you hit the point of burnout (every salesperson experiences this at some point)

Don’t miss out on Cory’s wisdom, this conversation is an absolute must if you want to break into the high end market and win over the right kind of accounts.

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