The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 46 – Pete Schoenfeld

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We are standing on the edge of a precipice looking around at the disruption that’s happening in nearly every other sphere of business. Understanding this, we can either continue to stay segmented and blindly hold onto what has worked in the past or we can come together to figure out this new landscape of business together.

In today’s episode, I sit down with Pete Schoenfeld (Senior VP, Fireplace Warehouse of Denver, CO) to have an honest conversation about the state of our industry and what we need to be thinking about as we look toward the future.

In this conversation:

  • Understand why building relationships with competitors will help serve your company (this is something that many people don’t take advantage of)
  • Learn who is to blame for the EPA 2020 lack of sell through (it may not be who you think it is)
  • Understand how to get involved in protecting our industry and moving it forward (this is something that every business should do)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear this authentic and honest conversation about the state of our industry right now—and what you need to be thinking about for the future!

Show Notes:

  • Click here to find your HPBA Affiliate group (and send them an email to get involved).
  • Join us on March 11th for the first ever Fire Time Podcast Meet-Up at HPBExpo in New Orleans! Here are the details:

    Date:Wednesday, March 11th
    Time:5pm – 6pm
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    2 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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