The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 61 – SALES (Building a Winning Hearth Business 2 of 8)

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In today’s market it’s absolutely critical that you have an effective sales team. The problem is that most companies don’t provide their team the tools needed to succeed and, as a result, the team stays “busy” doing things that aren’t relevant to their job (which is selling). In today’s conversation, we sit down with Grant Falco (Owner, Falco’s | Spokane, WA) to talk about the tools that every leader needs to provide their sales team in order for them to win.

In this conversation:

  • Learn why creating a sales process helps a team member sell more than ever before
  • Understand how to keep a team focused on their best opportunities with a weekly game plan
  • Learn to master a cadence of regular meetings that keep your team fixed on the prize

The success of your sales team should never be left to the whims of someone’s natural skillset. Instead, providing structure for a team to thrive within will unlock potential in your team members that you never knew was there and empower them to get the results that they have always wanted.

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