The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 71 – Taylor & Zack Estes

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Many businesses today can’t tell you if they’re making money or losing it every month. Not tracking your business expenses and revenue line-by-line will never allow you to get ahead—and it always results in getting dragged by your business instead of driving it. In today’s episode, Taylor and Zack Estes (Owners, Barncat Financial) lay out the basics of what your business needs to understand about finance in order to win. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Debt makes you drive faster, but it does not make you drive better. Many people have the notion that business is a race against competitors, when in actuality you should be prioritizing your efforts on how you can best serve your customers in the most profitable way possible
  • If you don’t allow debt to be an option, you will learn much faster (more people need to know this!)
  • Treating your business as if you are always looking to sell it is a great practice (Avoiding as many taxes as possible may not be the best route after all…)

Don’t continue blindly steering your business in an uncertain direction. Get on top of where you’re going today by creating a dashboard outlining everything you need to know in terms of finance! 

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