The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 76 – Grant Falco

Published by Timothy Reed on

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How do you know if you’re successful or not? Too many business owners base everything entirely off of feel when there is much more to the equation.

In today’s episode, Tim sits down with Grant Falco (Owner, Falco’s Spokane) to break down what a business scoreboard consists of, and why it is an essential element for any leader looking to run a better business and generate more revenue. 

This episode is going to teach you: 

  • How getting your quote percentage from 20% to 80% will redefine how you go about doing business (this is huge)
  • Why being transparent about revenue and preformance with your team will make them much more dedicated towards your success (after all they are your team right?)
  • How building a business scoreboard will allow you to identify issues and prevent them permanently (like a true leader should) 

Don’t go another day with a business that’s out of control when the answer is right in front of you. Invest the time to build a scoreboard and watch things turn around. 

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