The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 79 – Malcom & Zack Fisher

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Most companies today want to get there quick when, in actuality, they need to slow down and make an investment in real relationships with their customers.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Malcolm & Zack Fischer (Owner & VP of Sales at Compact Appliances Limited) to discuss their unique market in Atlantic Canada—and what the rest of the industry needs to understand about it.

In today’s episode you will learn: 

  • What operating with a prosperity mindset means for your relationships (and why we should all make it a goal)
  • How getting to a place where you can work smarter first requires you to work harder (huge for generational shifts)
  • Why prioritizing relationships first will change the way you do business (this is class SLOW-IS-FAST)

Don’t make the mistake of building your business fast and shallow—it’s not going to last. Instead, grow slow and methodically, treating people the right way and become a force in the market that’s impossible to move.

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