10 Steps to Execute – Episode 101 – Steps 4 & 5

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Many hearth businesses lose installation days because they don’t schedule before purchasing. At first, this order of operations might sound reckless, but it’s actually one secret to running a highly productive business. This secret—along with many others—is part of the 10-Step Execution Framework, which will help you set and exceed expectations for your business so you can grow like never before.

In today’s episode—the third installment of the 10 Steps to Execute series—Tim and Grant discuss Step 4 (Scheduling) and Step 5 (Purchasing) of the 10-Step Execution Framework.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What the best scheduling process looks like (and how not setting scheduling targets prevents your business from growing)
  • How weekly phone calls with your distributors can work miracles (seriously, doing this is a game-changer).
  • Why you have to hold manufacturers accountable (especially if you want to get any product right now)

There’s no easy way to grow your business. But by learning and implementing the 10-Step Execution Framework, you’ll understand what it takes to win.

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