Sean Kraemer – Episode 137 – Life of a Chimney Sweep

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Despite what some misguided folks say, the chimney sweep business isn’t a dirty, low-dollar industry. After experiencing the culture of this industry first-hand, Tim thinks hearth retailers can learn a ton from it.

In today’s episode, Tim chats with Sean Kraemer (Podcaster and Owner of Holy Smoke Inc.) about his story about buying and transforming the business he worked for so that it could grow and support his family. Given that Tim and Sean have lived somewhat similar lives—Sean was also in a punk band—this conversation is an eye into the minds of two young business owners striving to serve their employees, their customers, and their communities in any way they can.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to appraise and advertise your business when you’re ready to sell it (and how to prove the company makes money on repeat).
  • Why you need to be in the right mental state before buying a business (and why you’ll likely end up in a rut if you’re not).
  • How to find a mentor when you need one (and why doing so will make you aware of your levels of incompetence).

After attending the National Chimney Sweep Guild Convention, Tim was amazed at the tight-knit nature of the industry. These people genuinely care about each other and the people they serve. If we could combine our two industries, we could all grow together. Listen today to learn more and get involved.

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