Stan Campbell – Episode 138 – Mission, Vision, Core Values, Goals, and Objectives

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If you walked up to your team and asked them to recite your mission statement, could they do it? If not, here’s the hard truth: Your mission statement stinks, and you need to improve it. If your team doesn’t know why your organization exists, where you’re going, and how they’re expected to behave, then you’re setting them up to fail.

In today’s episode, Tim sits down with his mentor, Stan Campbell, to define and discuss the essential elements of any healthy business: mission, vision, core values, goals, and objectives. During the conversation, Tim explains how Stan helped him and his team develop each of these elements so that they could always have clarity on what the company is and where it’s going.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How core values—when done right—will pump up your team (this makes winning organizations).
  • How an outsider’s critique of your organization will change everything (this will allow you to truly see eye-to-eye with your team).
  • How you should delegate tasks (this isn’t offloading things you don’t want to do onto others’ plates).

The landscape is littered with organizations that never made it past their leaders’ capacities. If you truly care about your business, you should be okay with leaving behind a legacy that doesn’t include you. Making things less about you as a leader and giving your team the authority to talk back will pay dividends. Listen today to get started.

Hiring Stan is the best money Tim has ever spent. Bring him in to critique your organization by emailing him here:

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