Q & A – Episode 141 – Season 8 Finale

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How do you build a payscale for salespeople? How do you design an effective showroom? When will there be another Fire Time Workshop? Listen to learn the answers to these questions—and many more—as we round out Season 8.

In today’s episode, Tim responds to questions he has received from WhyFire customers, audience members, and podcast listeners over the last several months. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to display pricing in the showroom (establishments you probably visit often do this well—replicate it).
  • How to make consistent job walk forms (these only take 20 minutes to create).
  • Why some steps of the 10-Step Execution Process are non-negotiable (you just need to trust us on this).

It’s incredible how much ground we covered this season, and we can’t wait to tell you what’s planned for Season 9 come early September. Until then, you can look out for a weekly Rapid Reaction episode. And remember, summer is the invest season—don’t waste it!

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