3 Keys to Creating an Effective Showroom by Deb Hannig – Episode 147 – FTM Rapid Reaction

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It’s mandatory that customers feel comfortable in the showroom. Having a place to sit and playing music in the background will help create the ambiance you need to seal the deal. Listen to this episode for more simple strategies you can use to transform your showroom.

While we’re getting ready for Season 9 of the podcast, Tim will give you his rapid reaction to a series of audio articles from The Fire Time Magazine. To check out more audio articles from that publication, subscribe to the FTM podcast (linked below).

In this week’s episode, Tim gives you his rapid reaction to “3 Keys to Creating an Effective Showroom” by Deb Hannig.

Podcast episode with Deb: https://www.itsfiretime.com/2019/09/17/the-fire-time-podcast-episode-34-understand-their-problem-step-2/

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