David Rettinger – Episode 151 – Visibility is the Catalyst for Change

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A man bun and a love for surfing are what today’s guest had when he left a tech job in San Francisco for his father’s hearth company in New Jersey. Ever since this pivot, he has been committed to understanding and redefining how his family’s business operates.

To start Season 9 of the podcast, Tim talks with the up-and-coming David Rettinger (Principal at Rettinger Fireplace). After beginning with David’s life story, this conversation explores how to gain visibility in a business and explains how David uses software to do just that.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get visibility within your business (this is crucial to responding to incidents proactively instead of reactively).
  • How to build workflows for every part of your business (this will allow for your business to operate with intentionality).
  • How to overcome the title of being “the boss’s kid” (this is a message that every leader needs to hear).

The next generation of leaders in our industry are rising and, more often than not, coming from unusual backgrounds that empower them to innovate. Listen to this conversation to hear how David’s experience has led him to succeed in doing things differently.

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