Patrick Ryan – Episode 152 – Making Change in a Family Business

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Transitioning from the tech industry to the fireplace industry is something today’s guest never expected, even though he grew up watching his parents run their legacy business. However, this transition has set him up to help his family’s business overcome obstacles that many companies can’t.

In this episode, Tim talks with Patrick Ryan (Purchaser for the Stove Shop), a young leader using data and outside experience to revolutionize his parents’ business for the modern-day marketplace. This conversation begins with what motivated Patrick to leave the tech industry, then moves to Patrick’s ideals, mindset, and strategies for helping his parents’ business thrive.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why imperfection is okay (and how to deal with it).
  • Why not everyone in your company needs industry knowledge (and how teaching these people industry jargon can be harmful).
  • Why our industry would benefit from standardization (and how we might achieve that).

A common trait among all the young leaders we’ve interviewed for the first part of this season is that they all believe there’s a better way to do things. Often, they don’t immediately know the better way—but they aren’t afraid to fall on their faces finding it. We could all benefit from adopting this mindset as things tighten up over the next few years. Listen to this episode for some inspiration.

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