Jodi Harrington – Episode 153 – Creating a Comfortable Showroom

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A college degree in English and a teaching job were today’s guest’s attributes when she became a full-time leader at her family’s hearth store. In the seven years since this transition, she has helped market the business into something that physically and digitally is effective and true to her family.

In today’s episode, Tim is joined by Jodi Harrington (Marketing & Purchasing Director for Classic Stoves & Fireplaces), a young leader who, in Tim’s opinion, has an intuitive sense of how a hearth business should be presented. Jodi shares her experience growing up in the industry, how her family’s showroom has evolved since she stepped in, and how she doesn’t let being a female leader affect her.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to sacrifice units for seats (generally, people don’t stand in their house when looking at a fireplace).
  • Why it’s essential to have sections in a showroom (think about how you navigate a department store).
  • Why focusing on bringing together your business’s digital and physical experiences matters now more than ever (Jodi’s family’s business does this very well).

Your showroom needs to be able to grow to meet the desires of your customer base. This often means removing units to make room for things to be more like a home. If you can listen to and practice the concepts discussed in this episode, your business will be better this season.

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